Ashley Pater

Back in February I did a cross promotion with Donegals Pub and Freakrock Entertainment for a Duo contest.  Lisa Freakrock put together a showcase where solo or Duo acts would compete to win a paid performance at Donegals on Valentines day.  Along with that I offered a promo shoot at Mystic Rhythms Photo Studio as an additional prize.  After a multitude of talent, the winner of the Donegals prize was Angie Faith and the winner of the photo shoot went to Ashley Pater.  

Ashley is a 15 year old singer/songwriter who is up and coming in the Vancouver music scene.  She just released her debut EP, “Wild Roses” on her birthday and performs solo or with her band Destination Unknown.  Her dad contacted me regarding the shoot and asked if they could add extra persons over and above the duo prize pack.  After some negotiating, we booked a 3 hour session in the studio.  The day of the shoot we had Ashley and 2 lineups of Destination Unknown in for the shoot.  She has designed her band to be able to swap out players based on availability and schedules.  I had a blast shooting all of the members along with some fun moments with just Ashley and her parents.  For this shoot I also had my youngest daughter Shonagh out to assist with the shoot.  She is developing her skills as a photographer and is building a portfolio.  Yes, I am the proud dad and happy I can pass along my knowledge.  

Checkout Ashley at her website, to hear and see more of this talented individual! 

Stone Poets latest CD

A band I’ve been doing some shooting for contacted me for promos for their latest CD “Smoke and Mirrors”.  We booked a session and spent the evening shooting a variety of poses and looks.  In the end they had content for their social media channels to promote the band and album release.  Well as it turns out they contacted me about using a couple of shots for the CD, and as it turned out I got not only the back cover, but the front also!  Thank you to Cherelle, Marc and Scott! Check out Stone Poets on their website 

Dreams The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute

I was contacted by a band to shoot some promos for them.  They are Dreams - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They had recently had a change in their line up and needed to update their promo material for print and the website.  We booked in at Mystic Rhythms Photo Studio for a 3 hour session.  The concept was to recreate 3 poses/looks of Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s.  Complete with wardrobe, we set out on creating the images.  

The first image was the recreating of a shot from backstage in a dressing room before Fleetwood Mac went on stage.  With the help of Sean from Mystic Rhythms, we managed to create the backstage dressing room.  The next image was a black and white where shadows and grain were the key to the shot.  I went for a look of a classic film camera from the 70’s and processed the photo by dodging and burning it for the shadows then overlay the grain to complete the look.  The last photo was a standard pose of the band.  Using reference photos for all 3, we worked on recreating height, looks, facial expressions, wardrobe, and body positions.  All in all I think we nailed the look of Fleetwood Mac.  My thanks to all the Dreams members for a great shoot, and Sean for his help with the locker room creation!  It’s all about the hanger! LOL  

Checkout Dreams The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute at their website

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