Dreams The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute

I was contacted by a band to shoot some promos for them.  They are Dreams - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They had recently had a change in their line up and needed to update their promo material for print and the website.  We booked in at Mystic Rhythms Photo Studio for a 3 hour session.  The concept was to recreate 3 poses/looks of Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s.  Complete with wardrobe, we set out on creating the images.  

The first image was the recreating of a shot from backstage in a dressing room before Fleetwood Mac went on stage.  With the help of Sean from Mystic Rhythms, we managed to create the backstage dressing room.  The next image was a black and white where shadows and grain were the key to the shot.  I went for a look of a classic film camera from the 70’s and processed the photo by dodging and burning it for the shadows then overlay the grain to complete the look.  The last photo was a standard pose of the band.  Using reference photos for all 3, we worked on recreating height, looks, facial expressions, wardrobe, and body positions.  All in all I think we nailed the look of Fleetwood Mac.  My thanks to all the Dreams members for a great shoot, and Sean for his help with the locker room creation!  It’s all about the hanger! LOL  

Checkout Dreams The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute at their website www.tributetofleetwoodmac.ca

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