Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!  I want to thank everyone for the support over the past year building my business and getting me to this point.  2017 was a very busy year between going completely full time, going through a business course, I managed to shoot over 200 artists, 80 shows, 5 events and 1 wedding!  It was a pivotal shift for me from the hobby photographer, to the full time professional photographer.  I have of course learned a few things along the way and managed to form several strategic alliances, the biggest one is with Mystic Rhythms Rehearsal Studios in Langley, where they have built a full blown photo studio in their facility that I plan to utilize most, if not all of my studio work in.  The studio is open to any photographers (hobby or pro), models, HMUA’s and videographers who are in need of a space at an hourly rate.  The next was with Seven Kelly’s Graphics who are responsible for my stylish shirts and hoodies!  They are a great place to get your graphics put on clothing and have a minimum order of 1!  Hit the More page on my site to find both their links! Another strategic alliance moving into the new year is with Trev Deeley Harley Davidson as their event photographer.  Over the holiday season I got to shoot their in store Santa event which was a huge success!  I look forward to more events through the year with them!

Moving into January, I have partnered up with Dora Kola to do some video work both under her own Social Media channels and through Patchchordnews.com.  Our goal is to create content which will include interviews, exposes, artist profiles, and segments.  I’m looking forward to seeing how creative we can get.  

Between the studio and location shooting, concerts and events, the year is looking like it will be a busy but great one!  I’m excited by the challenges of running my business and being a creative at the same time.  

As for this blog, you will find regular updates on my activities, shoots, and events I am part of! 

Here is wishing all of you the best for 2018!

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