First Live Shoot In 2021… The Stone Poets

Well after 18 months since my last show (Brad Paisley, April, 2020) the stars aligned, restrictions eased a bit and I was back shooting music! One of my favourite bands and clients called me up to come out to their show in Maple Ridge in a park. The evening was good but the air was thick with smoke from the raging forest fires burning in the province. It felt great getting back at it and doing what I love!

Dark Originn Promo Shoot 2021

With the restrictions of Covid starting to ease up there is a lot of chatter about live shows returning to the Vancouver area. With that I started to get bookings by bands to update their promo shots. My clients from Dark Originn have a new album coming out so we got together for a shoot. The band was looking for an apocalyptic, lockdown sort of feel. We found some interesting places near their rehearsal studio and spent the day shooting. The band loved the shots enough to use them for the album art work along with a previous photo of the front man for the cover. If you get a chance check them out!

End of 2020…

Well where has the time gone?  To say the least it’s been a strange year this past one.  I shot Brad Paisley on March 7th, which turned out to be my last show I would get to shoot of 2020.  

I had just started the year with Digital Beat Magazine, and was looking forward to ramping up my shooting of shows for the year.  I had Alice Cooper and ZZ Top lined up, which I was really looking forward to, but alas the pandemic put a big pause on the concert tours among other things.  I have been fortunate enough to have kept working through this madness with a day gig in Telecommunications.  Deemed an essential service, I had the luxury of being allowed out of my house to still venture into the world, mind you it has been quite different.  

To keep myself busy artistically, I had bought a photo printer before the pandemic but didn’t have much time to do anything with it.  The shutdown of most photography work allowed me time to get into printing my photos and learning all about different paper that can be used.  

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