Steve “The Machine” Ricardo and Prestige Guitars

At the end of 2019 I was called by Bonnie Scott guitarist, Steve Ricardo, about doing a photoshoot for his new endorsement deal with Prestige Guitars out of North Vancouver.  I was honored to get the nod for this shoot as Prestige has some amazing artist listed in their camp such as Todd Kearns, Devin Townsend, Eric Bass and Cory Churko to mention a few.  Steve was looking for shots both for his social media and also for Prestige’s site/catalog.  The first thing was to figure out where to do the shoot.  Having been over to Steve’s house you would understand why I chose there as it has some really visually cool and funky things that we could utilize in the shoot.  I wanted to use elements that would create the mood of who the artist is and not just be a plain stock shot.  We did a couple of different concepts, the first being in the living room with an oversized leather chair.  The second was just at the dining room table using a couple of props along with the Prestige DC guitar.  

Checkout Prestige Guitars and their roster of players at:


Air Stranger Promo Shoot

Back in June of this year (2018), I had the honour of photographing a 7 piece funk band out of Vancouver called Air Stranger.  I had photographed their performance at the Blackbird Hall earlier in the year and can’t say enough about how great this band is!  All the members are extremely talented musicians and performers.  I wanted to capture the fun loving nature of this band that comes out when they perform live.  After some standard shots and we found a rhythm, the band members felt relaxed which allowed their individual personalities to emerge in the shots. In the end we created some serious shots, fun shots, and some just plain playful ones that the band could use for social media and promotions.  If you ever get the chance, check them out live as you won’t be disappointed!

Nightscapes Series

Over the past couple of years I’ve been working on a series of shots using long exposure shooting at night.  My goal is to create some great images that people will be proud to hang in their homes or offices.  Recently while my kids were at a Concert at Rogers Arena, I took the opportunity to take some shots around English Bay and Coal Harbour.  It was a cold wet rainy day in Vancouver, but that for me makes for interesting compositions when things are wet which allows the light to reflect off things in a special way.  Here is a small preview of the shots from the series…

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