Paul Dean of Loverboy

I had the opportunity to shoot a benefit at The Theatre in the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on October 1, 2022.  Rocket Norton assembled a star studded cast of Canadian talent for the F*ck Cancer show.  Among them were guitarist Paul Dean of Loverboy.  I first met Paul back in the late 80’s when I was working at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  My boss was a fellow named John Vrtacic and had me working on building a couple of Talk Boxes for the studio.  Paul introduced himself to me and asked what I was doing.  So describing what the box was and it’s function (not knowing who I was talking to btw) he smiled and told me to do a good job as he would be using it.  Fast forward to present day, and I now get the honour of photographing him on various stages when I can. 

I know it’s not much of a story and he probably doesn’t even recall it, but that’s what brief encounters with people can do, leave a lasting memory on a young 20 year old kid just starting out…

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